To thine own self be true.
— Shakespeare, Hamlet

Ximena Chin is student in Wonder, as well as in Shingaling. She attends school at Beecher Prep, where she is friends with Ellie, Savanna Wittenberg, Summer Dawson and Charlotte Cody. She is known to be extremely smart and won the gold medal for "overall academic excellence in the fifth grade". She has a little brother named Eduardo who has Down Syndrome, who also is part of the reason she ends up accepting Auggie. She is dating Miles Noury, although she reveals to Charlotte and Summer in Shinagaling that she has a crush on Amos.

She also has a leg extension, as portrayed in Shingaling.

Sidenote: Some profile pictures will be pictures of the actors, as it is sometimes incredibly difficult to find them in the film.

She is portrayed by Emily Delahunty in Wonder.

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