Sometimes you don't have to mean to hurt someone to hurt someone.
— Veronica to Jack, Wonder

Veronica is a character in Wonder. She was the babysitter for Jamie and Jack Will when they were little.


Veronica was the Wills' babysitter when Jack and Jamie were little. One day, when Jack was around five, Veronica took him and Jamie to Carvel for ice cream. As they were eating their ice cream, the Pullmans came and August sat down next to Jack. Upon seeing August, Jack made an "uhh" sound, which was heard by Via, but not August. Anticipating what could follow from Jamie, Veronica quickly took him and Jack and they left the store. Indeed, Jamie soon asked Veronica if it was Halloween because he wanted to know why August was wearing a mask.

After leaving the store, Veronica chastised Jack and Jamie for their behavior. She scolded them for staring at August, telling them that they were "very naughty." In response to Jack asking why she was mad, Veronica explained that it was bad that they had to get up and leave as if they had just seen the devil so as to prevent Jamie from hurting August's feelings. When Jack comments that they "didn't mean it," Veronica explains that "sometimes you don't have to mean to hurt someone to hurt someone."