Savanna Wittenberg is a student in Wonder, as well as in Shingaling: A Wonder Story. She attends school at Beecher Prep, where she is friends with Ximena, Gretchen, and Ellie. Henry Joplin is her boyfriend.


Although she was not such a socialite in elementary school Savanna becomes the most popular girl in school. She has a group , containing Ximena, Ellie and Gretchen. Later on, she emerges with Julian's group and ultimately starts dating Henry Joplin. She is apparently the first girl in school to have a proper boyfriend.

Around Halloween, she hosts a Halloween Party for her friends. She invites Summer Dawson, though Summer is surprised, she attends the party, obeying Savanna's orders not to wear a costume. At the party, Savanna tells Summer that boys really like her.

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