Wonder Wiki

Below are the rules for the Wonder Wiki. Please read all of them carefully before proceeding on this wiki. There will be consequences for failing to adhere to these rules. Not having read these rules is not an excuse for failing to comply with them.


  • Be courteous towards other users
  • Don't plagiarize content. Plagiarized content will be removed.
  • Only include content that is relevant to the wiki on content pages
  • No profanities or other inappropriate language or images
  • No badge-gaming: editing pages in multiple small edits or changing a small element or a page and then reverting it to gain more badges.
  • No vandalizing the pages
  • Don't attack other users



  • Only add content that is directly related to Wonder. User information and other information can be displayed on a given contributor's user page or through a blog post
  • Edits should be adding content to the page. One should not rephrase what is already written unless it is inaccurate.
  • When creating a new page, make sure it is in the same format of other pages in the same category


  • Only add images that pertain to the given article.
  • Individual character galleries should only have individual photos of that character. No group photos.
  • Only add good quality pictures.
  • No inappropriate pictures.
  • Try not to add duplicate photos. They will be removed.
  • Most galleries are not in chronological order.
  • When applicable, please add photos under the appropriate sections.
  • While GIFs are allowed, they must be placed under the "GIFs" section.