You were wearing that helmet all the time. And the real, real, real, real truth is: I missed seeing your face, Auggie. I know you don't always love it, but you have to understand... I love it. I love this face of yours, Auggie, completely and passionately. And it kind of broke my heart that you were always covering it up.
— Nate Pullman, Wonder

Nate Pullman is a parent in Wonder. He is the husband of Isabel Pullman and the father of their children, Olivia and August.

He is portrayed by Owen Wilson in Wonder.

R.J. Palacio on Nate Pullman

"As for Nate, he's just a good guy, a funny guy, who likes to lighten everyone's spirits with a laugh. I imagine him working long hours to try and pay all the medical bills not covered by insurance, which is why he gets stressed about being late to work."


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