Kinder than is necessary. Because it's not enough to be kind. One should be kinder than needed.
— Mr. Tushman, Wonder

Lawrence Tushman is a school principal in Wonder, as well as in Shingaling: A Wonder Story and The Julian Chapter. He is the director of the middle school for Beecher Prep.

He is portrayed by Mandy Patinkin in Wonder.


Mr. Tushman kindly welcomes August to Beecher Prep and introduces him to Charlotte, Jack, and Julian, who had had be his welcoming buddies. At the end of the year, he awards August with the Henry Ward Beecher medal at his graduation.


Mr. Tushman is kind, optimistic, and encouraging, and he has good humor though he is made fun of due to his last name having a synonym for butt.

He helps many people in the school, and is an expert at relating to children. He can have decent conversations with them, and can understand their behavior better than other principles. He wears Adidas, so he is obviously casual and friendly.

Mr. Tushman doesn't mind kids making fun of his last name, though he knows they do. He loves to praise children for their behavior, and asks why children misbehave when they do.

Mr. Tushman is not very old, but he is a good principal and serves the school as well as he can.


Mrs. Garcia

Mrs. Garcia is Mr. Tushman's assistant at Beecher Prep Middle School.

and there was a girl name miss butt and she had huge cheeks and if they get married and have a bunch of little tushies.


"He had blue eyes with white eyelashes."


  • His first name is Lawrence because Auggie called him "Mr. T" once, not knowing that there was a wrestler named Mr. T, whose first name is also Lawrence.