Miles Noury is a student in Wonder who attends school at Beecher Prep. He is close friends with Henry Joplin, Julian Albans, and Amos Conti. He was formerly dating Ximena Chin. He also helps save Auggie and Jack from the Seventh Graders at the Nature Reserve.

He is portrayed by Kyle Harrison Breitkopf in Wonder.


Miles Noury has been close friends with Julian, Jack, Amos, and Henry for many years. When he met August, he was not very nice to him along with his friends. He later started dating Ximena Chin, but later broke up.

After winter break, Miles became one of the many members on Julian's side. Julian treated him and Henry as his best henchmen. He supported that side by putting mean pranks towards Jack, but not on August. Miles and Henry were the first and last supporters on Julian's side. Later Miles and Henry found out that Julian has been writing mean notes to Auggie and Jack. They later told about the notes to Amos but promised him to keep them a secret. Amos later reported the notes to Mr. Tushman.

On the Nature Retreat, Miles, Henry, and Amos take down several 7th graders that were attacking August and Jack. The three changed from enemies to good friends. After the Nature Retreat, Miles started to spend more time with August and Jack, along with Henry and Amos. He was no longer friends with Julian after what he had done.

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