Melissa Albans is a parent in Wonder, as well as in The Julian Chapter. She is the wife of Jules Albans and the mother of Julian Albans. She photoshopped August's face from the class picture. She also wanted to sue the school, although her mother-in-law talked her out of it.


Melissa was described to be vengeful, whiny, overly-sensitive, and selfish. She was always desperate for order and power. Melissa is also temperamental and biased. At the end of The Julian Chapter, she starts to regret on how cruel she was to August, Mr. Tushman, and Beecher Prep, along with her husband.

Although Melissa was an ungrateful brat and a jerk, she is also intelligent and cares about Julian and her family.


Melissa has been the vice president of the Beecher Prep school board. Her husband, Jules is a lawyer. She originally accepted Mr. Tushman's idea of letting Julian being a welcome buddy for Auggie.

During the fall season, Melissa sees Julian's class photo. She is adored by the photo until she sees August. Julian whines that August was the kid who had been giving him nightmares. Melissa tries to helps him feel better by photoshopping the picture. She influences her son to not think about Auggie, but by not knowing, Julian continues to think about him and becomes hateful to him. Meanwhile, Melissa shared the photo without August to other moms in Beecher Prep.

After Jack had punched Julian, Melissa grew furious and wanted revenge on Mr. Tushman for letting August enroll in the school, thinking that Beecher should never allow kids with special needs. She thought that the students were way too young to handle children with physical deformities(even though lots of students got used to August's appearance). She hosted a debate party to have everyone agree to get revenge on Mr. Tushman, August, and Jack with the help of her and Julian. Almost everyone agrees on their debates.

Mr. Tushman reports Melissa and Jules to have a meeting with Mr. Tushman, Julian, and Dr. Jansen. Mr. Tushman accuses her and Julian of using up so much cruelty based on mean notes and for developing the "boy war". Melissa grows furious. Later in summer, she and Jules made plans to transfer Julian to a different school. They later announced that they would sue Beecher Prep for not giving them their tuition. Julian convinces them not and confesses for being a jerk to August. Melissa later reforms and changes her mind.

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