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Maya Markowitz is a student in Wonder, and as well as in Shingaling: A Wonder Story. She attends school at Beecher Prep, where she is friends with Summer Dawson, Charlotte Cody, Rand, Megan, and Lina. She doesn't like Ximena and thinks of her as an enemy, until they make up near the end of Shingaling.

She is portrayed by Sasha Neuhaus in Wonder.


Maya is very intelligent, playful, energetic, and friendly. Despite this, she is also childish at times and does not enjoy major changes. She is also sensitive when it comes to relationships.


Maya has been close friends with Charlotte, Summer, Ellie, and Savanna when they were in elementary school. However, in 5th grade, Savanna and Ellie had stopped hanging out with her and more with the popular kids. She started making new friends with Lina, Megan, and Rand, who were all in her soccer team.

During the second semester of 5th grade, Maya started a tournament based on the Dots game. She invited her friends and other students in the middle school to compete in these games.

Maya missed Savanna and Ellie and blamed it all on Ximena Chin. What she didn't understand was that it was Ellie and Savanna's fault, not Ximena's. However, she doesn't listen and gives Ellie a mean note, to force Ellie to stop hanging out with Ximena. Ximena's feelings are hurt and Summer and Charlotte comfort her. It was revealed that Ximena was a new student and didn't really know anyone until she met Savanna. Ximena had never forced Savanna and Ellie away from Maya.

Ximena later apologizes for possibly hurting Maya. Maya is surprised and accepts her apology and her friendship with Ximena.



Maya and Charlotte had known each other since lower school, along with Savanna, Ellie, and Summer. Charlotte remained on Maya's side even when their friends chose different routes. Maya is neutral about dance unlike Charlotte, but she still acknowledges Charlotte's talent. She and Charlotte enjoy playing dots and enjoy musicals.


Maya always thought that Summer was very nice to her along with everyone else. She was a little uncomfortable about Summer spending time with August, but then she later accepted Summer for what friends she wanted.


Maya originally hated Ximena Chin. She accused Ximena for taking Savanna and Ellie away from her and turning them into "pretty zombies". She even gave Ellie the mean note for how she really felt. Ximena's feelings were hurt because of the note. Charlotte and Summer helped her feel better over what Maya had done. Ximena later apologized for whatever she done wrong for Maya. Maya is surprised and happily accepts her apology.

Savanna and Ellie

Maya thought to Savanna and Ellie as good friends since lower school. She thought Savanna was nicer to her than Charlotte. She and Charlotte were also close friends with Ellie since first grade. When middle school started, their relationships begin to change. Maya remained the same, but Savanna and Ellie wanted to become grown-ups and make new friends and new dates. Maya was angry at them when they stopped spending time with them. She blamed it all on Ximena, but it was really Savanna and Ellie who left Maya, Charlotte, and Summer behind.

Lina, Megan, and Rand

When Maya lost Savanna and Ellie, she signed up for Soccer and became friends with Lina, Megan, and Rand who were all nice to Maya. They would spend time eating lunch together and having fun playing the Dots game.


Maya was originally uncomfortable about August because of his appearance and how Summer was close friends with him. Eventually she reformed learning that Auggie is actually very nice, smart, and humorous. She left him an Ugly Doll keyring with the words "to the nicest doll in the world" on the back. It's possible that she had a crush on Auggie along with Jack.


Maya has a crush on Jack Will, which is discovered by Charlotte in Shingaling. Maya makes a list of sides in the Boy War, saying to Charlotte that she wants Jack to know who is on his side.