If it really was all random, the universe would abandon us completely. And the universe doesn't. It takes care of its most fragile creations in ways we can't see.
— Justin, Wonder

Justin is one of the main characters in Wonder. His parents were divorced when he was four years old. Though quiet, Justin enjoys playing the fiddle and acting. He attends Faulkner High School, where he met Olivia Pullman and they started dating. He becomes friendly with Jack and August when he meets them at Auggie's house.

He is portrayed by Nadji Jeter in Wonder (film).


Justin is rather quiet and shy, but likes spending time with his friends and prefers happiness and friendship over hate and lonleness. He feels at home with his friends rather than his family, especially Via.


When Justin was only four years old, his parents relationship wasn't going very smoothly, that they got a divorce. Since then, he'll go back and forth living in Chelsea with his mother and in Brooklyn Heights with his father. His father remarried another woman who has a son, who became Justin's stepbrother. To Justin his stepbrother barely knows him.

Justin later attended Faulkner High School along with Via, Miranda, and Ella. He started playing the fiddle for the Zeduca band. He also signed up for Theater along with Miranda and Via. Justin and Via first met when Via wanted to spend more time with the smart kids and not the popular ones. The two became friends and eventually started dating. Via made lies that she was an only child.

One day, Via brought her boyfriend to her house and introduced him to her brother, August. Justin was a little shocked by his appearance, but he didn't insult him. He also got meet Auggie's friend Jack, who were working on their Science Fair project(the Spud Lamp).

Justin, Via, and Miranda were all rehearsing for their play, our town. Via confesses that she had kept her and Miranda's "breakup" a secret from him. She also confesses that she had never told her parents about the play and fears that if they take Auggie, everyone will insult her about her brother. Justin tries to comfort his girlfriend.

On the day of the play, there was no concern to make Via uncomfortable when she performed as an understudy for the female protagonist. Miranda was the original actor, but refused to perform.

On Auggie's graduation ceremony, Justin along with Via, Miranda, Jack, Summer, and the relatives of the Pullman family celebrate the happy occasion.

R.J. Palacio on Justin

"people have asked me why i had justin's part in lowercase, and all i can say is that he's a gay guy."


In the film, Justin and Via are seen to be celebrating the New Year's Eve Show on Time Square.


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