Fanmade items such as characters, perspectives, and new stories are welcome on this wiki. However, they must remain under the Fanfiction section. They may not be on other article pages as they confuse readers. All fanfiction must be put in the Fanmade Category.

How to Write Fanfiction on this Wiki

  1. Make a new article.
  2. Give your article a title that describes your fanmade item well.
  3. Write your fanfiction. It can be a character, a new perspective, or even a completely new story!
  4. Add it to the Category "Fanmade".
  5. Add it to the corresponding category.
    • Put it in "Fanmade Perspectives" if it is a new perspective
    • Put it in "Fanmade Characters" if it is a new character.
    • Put it in "Fanfiction" if it is something else, such as a fanmade story.

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