Bear is the Pullmans' family pet dog. She got the name bear because Isabel Pullman said she looked like a little bear cub.


Bear is a small puppy. She has black fur, and bright, black eyes. Along with a little pointy snout, she has small ears that flop down.


After the Pullmans' first dog, Daisy, died, Nate Pullman came home with a white box. Inside was a puppy. When Isabel Pullman first sees the puppy, she decides that she looks like a little bear cub. Because of this, August suggested that they name the puppy "Bear." The rest of the Pullmans agreed that was a perfect name for the puppy, so she was named "Bear."

The next day, both Via and August stayed home from school so that they could play with Bear. The two of them took turns cuddling and playing tug-of-war with her. They had kept all of Daisy's old toys, so they brought them out to see which ones she'd like best.